Our Carrot Crop

On Sunday my husband decided that it was time to harvest our carrots.  If you remember, he’d been growing them in a plastic tub next to our compost garden.  He filled the tub with compost soil, dug a couple of trenches, and filled them with carrot seeds.


Since it was our first time planting carrots, we didn’t know what we were doing.  When we told a friend how we’d planted them, he predicted that we’d have a lot of short fat carrots.


Well, he was right!  But I thought our short fat carrots were adorable.  Brad and the kids were pretty happy with them too.


After Brad washed them off, they looked even cuter!  I love our chunky little carrots!


It’s so fun getting to eat produce that’s fresh from our garden.  It’s exciting to watch it grow with the kids, and then to eat food that we grew ourselves.


Have you ever grown carrots before?  What tips can you offer us amateur carrot-farmers?  What other produce do you like to grow?

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7 Responses to “Our Carrot Crop”

  1. Jamie Fitch says:

    Ours look almost exactly the same. No matter how hard I try to plant the seeds farther apart, they seem to clump together when I water them. So, I end up with patches of carrots, instead of rows. I think our longest one was 3 inches long, but I agree…they are CUTE! I imagine the trick is to have enough space between each one so that it will have room to grow… Oh well, maybe next year! 🙂

    • Jessica says:

      I kept remembering Rabbit from Winnie the Pooh, harvesting his carrots, or Mr. McGregor from Peter Rabbit. I definitely contemplated getting out my art supplies and drawing or painting a few of them. They’re just so cute and colorful! 🙂

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  3. laura says:

    I planted our carrots the first week of June and did not harvest them until the 2nd week of October. They take a long time to grow. Even though the package may say 50-60 days until harvest, the longer you are able to keep them in the ground the longer they will get. I don’t know if that is true for everyone but for the last few summers that seems to be true of my garden. Love those fresh carrots! Keep trying, it really doesn’t matter what they look like as long as they taste yummy:)

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