Freebie Friday!


We have all kinds of “free” things growing around our house these days!  Our compost pile has exploded into a gigantic pumpkin patch that gets bigger every day.  Our grape arbor (which only produced two bunches of grapes last year) is covered in grapes.  We’re already harvesting bright red tomatoes from our two tomato plants.  Our plastic tub of carrots is thriving. The new lemon, lime, and orange trees Brad planted this spring look like they will produce a small harvest this year, and our peach tree is doing well too.  Even our roses, sunflowers, geraniums, and other flowering plants are doing well!

I have to give all the credit for any work around our yard to my husband.  He has a green thumb, and everything he touches seems to grow!

Do you have any “free” things growing around your home?


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