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What We Did Right When We Went $238,000 In Debt

I talk a lot about all the things Brad and I did wrong prior to reading Dave Ramsey and Crystal Paine in 2010, but I don’t talk a lot about all of the things we were doing right during those first four years of our marriage.  Despite the fact that we entered our first year […]

Meal-Planning on a Budget: Part 2

On Monday I described how I meal-plan and grocery shop once a week.  Meal-Planning on a budget also requires making inexpensive choices for your meals.  Here are some examples of what I have been cooking recently: Breakfast Oatmeal: I make oatmeal with cinnamon and raisins almost every day of the week.  I haven’t found anything […]

Meal-Planning on a Budget

One of the largest expenses for most families is their grocery bill.  There are lots of ways to cut back on your grocery expenses, and one of those methods is meal-planning. Once a week I gather my grocery list, calendar, and a pen.  Then I take stock of the contents of my pantry, refrigerator, freezer, […]

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