Our Compost Garden: The Harvest

Produce from our Compost Garden

I know it’s been awhile since we discovered our thriving Compost Garden, and later harvested its produce, but I just couldn’t resist showing you these photographs!  The first two photographs are from our fall harvest.

Produce from our Compost Garden

Finally, while making Tomato Soup, I sliced up our fresh Compost Garden tomatoes alongside some Store-Bought Tomatoes.  Brad and I couldn’t believe the difference in taste, texture, and color!  The Compost Garden tomatoes were far superior.  The Store-Bought Tomatoes were firm to slice, watery in flavor, and pale in color.  The Compost Garden tomatoes were soft to slice, rich in flavor, and vibrant in color.  What a difference!

Store-Bought Tomatoes (Left) vs. Compost Garden Tomatoes (Right)

Thanks to California’s warm climate, we’re STILL harvesting tomatoes grown in our own backyard.  Next I’ll have to move on to Cooking our Pumpkins!

What new discoveries have you made this year in growing and/or cooking your own food?

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  1. Sarabell says:

    I think the difference between store-bought and garden produce is AMAZING! What a gorgeous harvest that is!

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