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How to Save Time & Money Packing Lunches

As a stay-at-home Mom to three children who are also still at home, it may surprise you that I’m talking about packing lunches today.  Well, this month as I learned how to use Google Calendar for the first time, I again became aware of how so much time in my day is spent on meals.  […]

Organizing with Ice Cream Tubs

I’ve been working on a lot of small home and car maintenance improvements lately, and one of those projects was to organize the kids’ art supplies.  I had put them out of reach on top of the refrigerator because they were making so many messes with them.  Keeping them out of reach allowed me to […]

What Frugal Things Do You NOT Do?

Recently I was scanning down my Facebook news feed and saw the following question from Trent Hamm at The Simple Dollar: “What frugal things do you NOT do?”  I had to laugh because there are a few frugal things that I do not do, or at least do not do very often: I don’t hang […]

De-Cluttering: Trash It, Sell It, or Donate It

Recently I read Organized Simplicity by Tsh Oxenreider, and I really enjoyed it.  I love to purge, simplify, and organize.  I’m sure I don’t have to tell you that keeping a home clean and organized is an endless job–especially when you have children!  I keep our home clear by classifying clutter as “trash,” “sell,” or […]

How do you DO it all?

“How do you DO it all?” I have to smile whenever someone asks me this question, because I know that I really don’t “DO it all.”  I think bloggers in general fall under the misconception that we do more than most people, because our lives are posted on the Internet for all to see.  (By […]

Simplifying Dish-Washing

I am the oldest of six children, which means I grew up in a household of eight people.  Eight people translates into piles and piles of dirty dishes at the end of every day, and who likes to do dishes? 1. One of the ways that Brad and I have found to cut down on […]

Frugal Organizing Tip: Sort Recipes in Recycled Envelopes

I was recently inspired by the Money Saving Mom’s Budget to get my home organized.  Although anyone who knows me could tell you that I am very organized person, I have my limits.  I’ve moved so many times that I often give the wrong address, state, and zip-code, so you can imagine that some aspects […]

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