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60 Free (or Almost Free) Activities to Do with your Toddler or Preschooler

Do you ever feel like your life is dry and boring because you can’t spend any money on anything?  It can be difficult (especially at first) to think of free activities to entertain your little ones while you’re on the road to debt-freedom.  Well, just because you’re poor, broke, or in-debt-up-to-your-eyeballs doesn’t mean you can’t […]

Five Years of Frugal Halloweens

Today I thought it would be fun to take a look back at 5 years of frugal Halloweens.  Did you know that Americans spend $8 billion in Halloween holiday outlay each year, making it second only to Christmas?  That’s $80 per family on decorations, costumes, and candy!  Naomi was born in 2009, and we’ve been […]

Toddler Tuesday: Hammer Time

I’ve had a pile of curtains laying on the floor in our bedroom since some time in January.  This week I finally got around to hanging them.  Oliver was fascinated by my hammering, so I found him a piece of scrap wood and a few nails. As you can tell, he was very intent on […]

Paper Bag Play

 When I return from the grocery store, the kids love to help me unpack the truck, carry the groceries inside, and put the groceries away. Sometimes they play in the paper bags.  This week Naomi brought me her scissors and asked me to show her how to cut holes for arms and heads. I showed […]

20 Ways to Drive Mom Crazy Before Noon

Last Saturday was “one of those days.”  I laugh when I say this because when you have little ones, it often seems like EVERY day is “one of those days.”  Anyhow, the kids were driving me crazy all morning, so I was inspired to create the following list.  Feel free to add your own suggestions […]

Pancake Names

This morning Naomi and Oliver requested pancakes for breakfast.  As I was getting myself ready for the day, they raided the pantry and piled all the ingredients for pancakes on our kitchen counter. I thought pancakes sounded like a good idea, so we got cooking.  We talked about the various measuring cups and spoons and […]

Coloring with my Kids

My kids have noticed that I like to color.  I actually avoid art projects around the house at times, because I know that once I start I will be completely absorbed until I’m done.  And I hate to leave an art project half-finished once I’ve begun!  Attentiveness to art can also mean inattentiveness to my […]

Toddler Tuesday: Homemade Play-doh

Recently my sister Kristy mailed us a fun care package full of goodies, and included some homemade play-doh for the kids! The kids had fun playing with the 3 colors of play-doh, and the containers they arrived in. I provided them with forks, knives, and spoons in addition to the play-doh, and they loved pretending […]

Organizing with Ice Cream Tubs

I’ve been working on a lot of small home and car maintenance improvements lately, and one of those projects was to organize the kids’ art supplies.  I had put them out of reach on top of the refrigerator because they were making so many messes with them.  Keeping them out of reach allowed me to […]

Folding Clothes

My kids are a little weird.  (They come by it naturally of course, since Brad and I are pretty weird too!)  Oliver likes to wash the dishes, and set the table.  Naomi likes to vacuum, fold clothes, and even asked for a broom for her birthday.  They love to help make the beds, put groceries […]

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