Toddler Tuesday: Toothpicks & Marshmellows

Welcome back to Toddler Tuesdays!  I haven’t had a lot of toddler projects to talk about over the summer months.  As long as the weather is bearable, we try to get outside to play and do fewer indoor projects together.  Brad tells me that Toddler Tuesdays are his favorite part of my blog though, so I promised to start doing them again.

A couple months ago on Money Saving Mom, Crystal did marshmallow and toothpick structures with her kids.  I decided to try it with my kids shortly after that, since we already had some marshmallows on hand.  One evening I showed the kids what to do, and then stepped back to watch.

Naomi did a pretty good job of arranging her marshmallows on the toothpick like a shish kabob.

Oliver managed to stick a toothpick into a marshmallow a few times, but otherwise he just enjoyed eating the marshmallows.

Naomi enjoyed eating the marshmallows too!

Eventually I gave up on getting any structures out of the kids, and sat down to make my own little project.  The kids helped me to eat it when I was finished!

In hindsight, this project is better suited to older children.  However, maybe you can come up with a new spin on it that is better suited to toddlers.

What fun things have you been doing with your toddlers this summer?

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