Toddler Tuesday: Orange Tree Painting (Thank You Note)

Recently our next door neighbor, Mr. Parker, showed up at our door with a very large bag full of oranges.  The vast amount of fresh fruit (citrus and otherwise) and vegetables is one of our favorite things about living in Northern California.  I decided that as a thank you, Naomi and I would revisit the Autumn Tree Painting project we did back in October, with a few small variations.

We began as we did before, with Naomi in her apron, and a marker-sketch of a tree trunk.  Naomi speckled the paper with light green leaves.

Next she speckled the paper with dark green leaves.  This time she got a bit more creative and added dark green swirls.

Finally, she added the bright orange fruit.  You can see the finished product below.  I think she’s already an accomplished artist!

The final product reads: “Dear Mr. Parker, Thank you for the delicious oranges from your tree!  You are very thoughtful!  Love, Brad, Jess, Naomi, & Oliver.”

What fun things have you been doing with your toddler recently?

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