Toddler Tuesday: Honoring Daddy

It’s never too early to begin teaching your children to honor their father and mother.  As their Mommy, I am trying to teach my children to honor their Daddy in lots of little ways.  Here are five ideas for honoring Daddy:

1.  Do something special “for Daddy” when he is out.  Draw him a picture, build him a castle, rake the leaves, or help your child to write him a love note.

2.  Boast about Daddy when he is out.  Tell them how hard Daddy works, who he is meeting, or how he is helping to provide and care for your family.  You can also boast about Daddy to your other Mommy friends!

3.  Boast to Daddy when he returns.  Encourage your children to tell Daddy what they did during the day, where they went, and who they met.  They can show him a project completed, or feed him a special treat that you made together.

4.  Allow Daddy to do some special things with the kids.  It’s easy to keep all the fun jobs for ourselves and leave all dirty, boring, or disciplinary jobs to Daddy.  My kids like riding in the stroller while Daddy jogs, watching sporting events with Daddy, and especially night-time prayers with Daddy.  Sometimes Daddy even takes them on a “date” for a special treat or excursion.

5.  Finally, honor Daddy yourself.  What your kids need more than anything are a Mommy and Daddy who love, honor, and respect one another.  They will notice if you criticize him, complain about him, and gossip about him when he is absent.  They will also notice if you thank him, speak well of him, and look forward to seeing him.

How are you teaching your children to honor their Daddy? 

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