30-Day House Cleaning Challenge: Project #18 Organize the Pantry


This morning we went to Bible Study for the first time in 6 months.  I packed lunches last night and we ate at the park afterward.  So we were out of the house for more than three hours.  That meant I didn’t get to the cleaning challenge until this afternoon.  Oh, did I mention that the baby gave me a hickie on my chin last night?

Today’s challenge was to clean out the refrigerator and/or organize the pantry.  I was hitting my afternoon slump by the time I started cleaning, so I chose to organize the the pantry since it looked like less work.  I moved all our plastic bags to the same shelf, and put our free samples in a smaller bag.  I reorganized and “faced” other items like I used to do when I worked at Food Lion as a teenager.

Do you have any tips or tricks for organizing your pantry?  How do you organize your plastic bags and/or free samples?


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  1. I bet you got some strange looks walking into Bible study with a hickie on your face…lol!

    I’ve been doing my chores after dinner, since I’m already cleaning up the dishes and I might as well keep on cleaning. I hit a slump in the afternoon as well 🙂

    Your pantry looks great!

  2. I used to get over run w/ plastic bags from the stores–I saved them to re-use, but never seemed to know when I had enough–or too many. Now I have a little sleeve looking thingy that I bought at the dollar store–it’s a long fabric tube with elastic at both ends and a loop at one end so that you could hang it on a hook if you wanted to–I stuff plastic bads in one end, and take them out of the other when I need one–if the sleeve is full, I throw the other bags aways until I use some of what I have. I always have some on hand, but I have a limit now to how many I keep.

  3. Leah says:

    I put the smaller items in a small bin I found at the dollar spot at Target. It looks amazing. Glad you got back into Bible study – missing it from having a baby, I assume. My little one gave me a hicky on my chest near my breastbone a couple months ago. It was my first – ha!

    • Jessica says:

      Thanks for the idea! Yes, we had a baby (and all the doctor visits that go with pregnancy/delivery), lots of house guests, and traveled for the holidays. 🙂

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