30-Day House Cleaning Challenge: Project #19-#21 Sweep Your Entryway, Driveway, & Patio


Last night when I looked ahead in the 30-Day Cleaning Challenge to see what I was doing today, I had to laugh.  My husband Brad was up on our roof yesterday sweeping off all the debris and cleaning out the gutters.  He had cleaned up some yesterday, but the ground around the house still looked significantly worse than usual.


I used a push-broom and a regular straw broom to sweep the porch, path, and driveway.


The backyard was also significantly worse than usual.  We had Bigger-and-Better Club two weeks ago, so some of the treasures (like the knee board and razor scooter you see here) are still around.  Brad is almost finished building and painting our grape arbor, so that’s why the ladders were still out.


Ah, much better!  Now we just need to get around to burning those old boards in the fire pit.  I’ll save you from seeing the inside of our garage.  We’d be candidates for “The Hoarders” if you saw what lurks on the other side of that wall!


Brad swept the driveway before I was able to snap a “Before” picture.  He’s almost done with the grape arbor though!  What do you think?

The weather has been gorgeous here.  Has the weather allowed you to clean outside of your house?

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6 Responses to “30-Day House Cleaning Challenge: Project #19-#21 Sweep Your Entryway, Driveway, & Patio”

  1. Elise says:

    The arbor looks amazing! Love it!

  2. My husband had been working his way around the house, washing down the exterior, seeing where paint needs to be touched up, repairs made,etc., and annual spring ritual for him. So far I haven’t ventured outside much yet this year–every time I think it’s starting to get warm enough to work in my garden bed or pot some new flowers, we have a cool snap, so I keep putting it off.

    Looks like ya’ll did a great job cleaning up!

  3. I love the grape arbor! I want one of those at my house someday :). Great job on cleaning outside. I worked on the garage, but the back patio is on my not too distant future!

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