My Kitchen Window

kitchen window

Right now I love the view from my kitchen window.  When I am looking out my kitchen window, I see so many things that make me happy:

  • Free Sunflowers (Brad’s green thumb)
  • Our Compost Garden and its Fresh Produce (Brad’s green thumb)
  • Free Newly-Painted Bench (from leftover paint)
  • Free Sod (from a friend)
  • Free Playhouse (from a friend)
  • Free Climber (from a friend)
  • Free Wood (from various friends)
  • Free Children’s Toys (from my Mom and the neighbors)
  • Flower Petals and Clover in Vases (from Naomi & Oliver)
  • Free Baby Shampoo (from a gift)
  • Free Log & Rope Swing (made by my brother Josh)
  • Tall Trees
  • Free Curtains (from my Mom)

Cobwebs aside, I see a beautiful backyard, our dream backyard, full of life and love.  I see God’s provision for all of our needs, and I see all the people who care about us and share their lives with us.  I see my husband’s hard work and I see my children growing up and making memories.  I see a place to host teenagers every week of the year as the hear about the love of Jesus, some for the very first time.  I see a place where the gospel comes alive, and where everyone is welcome.  I love the view from my kitchen window, and I love this place that God has made our home.

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