Repainting Our Hallway

As I’ve stated before, October was Home Improvement month around our (rental) house.  After I finished a painting for our church, I felt inspired to keep painting.  I had wanted to paint our white hallway brown for a long time.  I looked at my Pinterest boards to decide what shade I wanted, and then went back to Lowe’s to pick up some paint swatches.  I laid the swatches for all my other rooms side-by-side to be sure all would match.  I looked at my swatches in different lighting to be sure that the color would be attractive in any light.


In our house, you can see the hallway from every room.  So I knew that the hallway would be key to making the house look “finished.”   I am so pleased with the color and the effect!  Although the colors didn’t come out well in the photos, I can assure you that they match every room, and make the hallway much “warmer.”


I just recently added an Australian mask to the wall by the bathroom door, but that was after I took this photo.  I’m hoping to do more with the walls in the future now that I have a paint color on the walls that I like.


You can also see our new light fixture in these photos.  It has been so fun to see our rental home improve little by little in the 14 months since we first moved into this house.


This was one of the few home improvements that I made in October that cost me money.  I bought one gallon of paint from Lowe’s, and that was it.  I already had the brushes, rollers, ladder, step-ladder, drop-clothes, paint tray, and rags in our garage.

What improvements (minor or major) have you made on your home recently?

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