Happy Mother’s Day! DIY Handprint Flowers

For Mother’s Day this year, I decided to try some of the adorable crafts that I’ve been seeing on Pinterest.  I put both kids in aprons, covered the table in newspaper, and painted their hands with acrylic paint.  I made three prints of each child’s hand, and some were definitely better looking than others!  I used white acrylic paint to touch up the messier spots once the paint was dry.

Why three handprints you ask?  Well, there are two grandma’s, and of course I needed to make one to keep for myself!

Oliver’s handprint papers (cardstock, actually) were smaller and messier than Naomi’s, so I decided to make his into bookmarks.  I cut out the handprint, cut out a stem, glued them together, and then wrote a quotation on the stem.  I also wrote his name, age, and the date on the back.  Finally, I had all three bookmarks laminated at Staples for less than $2.50.

Naomi’s handprints were both larger and neater than Oliver’s, so I decided to make hers into a frameable artwork.  I used acrylic paints to add a stem and leaves, and then added a quotation, her name, and the date around the flower.

In case you’re wondering, I always sketch a basic plan in pencil before I paint, and I use a pencil and ruler before I write any text.  Then I tidy up with an eraser when I’m finished.

We mailed our handprint flowers and our (FREE from Cardstore and Treat!) photo greeting cards to both grandma’s on Tuesday.  I know the grandma’s will be delighted to open their special gift.

What special plans do you have for Mother’s Day, for yourself or someone you love?

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