FREE Night at the Carnival

On Tuesday night, Brad was out running 17 miles (yes, my husband trains for marathons year-round) after work so I joined my parents and siblings at the town carnival for the evening.  The nice thing about the carnival is, you don’t have to pay for admission unless you ride the rides!  My kids are still a bit too young for the rides anyway, so we enjoyed the sights and sounds from the stroller.

Our town carnival is held next to a park with playground equipment, so Naomi enjoyed climbing on everything, sliding, spinning, and see-sawing to her heart’s content.  She also loved it when Grand-dad pushed her on the swings, shrieking when he ran away from her feet like she’d kicked him.  And both Oliver and Naomi loved that Grandma took her shoes off and sat with them by the creek, where the minnows and water bugs were swimming.

It was a really sweet evening, and a fun time with my family.  Naomi came home talking all about it.  Both kids were exhausted and went right to sleep when we got home.  I can’t say it enough, but you don’t have to spend money to have a good time!


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