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Why You Need to Save $1000 For A Rainy Day

16 months ago the “Check Engine” light began glowing on our truck’s dashboard.  We paid a local mechanic $40 to run a diagnostic test, and he turned off the light, assuring us that our truck would be fine.  However, we would need to have the small problem fixed before our truck would pass its smog […]

35 Ideas for Saving Money as a Stay-at-Home-Mom

After four years of teaching art, and two years of teaching English in China, I became a Stay-at-Home-Mom in 2009.  I’ve had to learn a lot about saving money as a SAHM since then!  If you’re a new mom, or are considering staying at home with your children, I’ve compiled a list here of some […]

Five Years of Frugal Halloweens

Today I thought it would be fun to take a look back at 5 years of frugal Halloweens.  Did you know that Americans spend $8 billion in Halloween holiday outlay each year, making it second only to Christmas?  That’s $80 per family on decorations, costumes, and candy!  Naomi was born in 2009, and we’ve been […]

15 Frugal Activities for Autumn

I love Autumn!  I love every season, but there is a special place in my heart for the sights and smells of Autumn.  Here are a few links to my favorite Autumn activities: 1. Create an Autumn Window Collage. 2. Make Leaf Rubbings. 3. Arrange some Inexpensive Autumn Decor. 4. Create 3 Jack-O-Lantern Crafts with […]

3 Ways We’ve Saved Money Recently

Recently I was able to save money in three different areas of our budget.  Maybe some of these ideas will work for you too! 1. We have arranged to pay our utilities bill using a “Balanced Payment Plan.”  This month our payment dropped, saving us $15.77 per month! 2. I thought our auto insurance bill […]

Castile Soap

I’ve been reading Simple Mom lately, and experimenting with some of the natural methods she recommends for facial cleanser, shampoo, and conditioner.  I noticed that she recommends Dr. Bronner’s Pure-Castile Soap, but I was surprised by the cost.  So I went to our local WinCo grocery store to see if I could find something cheaper.  […]

Life Without A Second Car

When Brad was hired to work in California in September of 2011, we had two paid-off vehicles.  Brad drove his 2002 Toyota Tacoma, and I drove my 2001 Chrysler PT Cruiser.  As we made plans to move across the country, I again began to contemplate the wisdom of keeping my car.  It needed repairs regularly, […]

Pay Bills On-Line (No Stamps!)

As our family’s primary bill-payer, one of the ways that I have saved our family money is by paying our bills on-line.  We can pay our utilities, tithe, student loans, mortgage, cell phone, Internet, medical bills, and more with just the click of a button.  We also manage our checking, savings, and credit card accounts […]

Life Without A Dryer

There are many ways to save money when you are trying to pay off your debts.  One way that we have saved money is by going without a dryer. When Brad and I bought our first home in 2005, it came with a washer and dryer included.  We never considered living without a dryer.  However, […]

Keeping Cool When It’s 110 F Outside

Our house doesn’t have central air conditioning, so when its 110 degrees Fahrenheit outside, we get creative! We open the windows during the cool part of the day, and close them when it gets hot. We turn on our air conditioning window unit and our three ceiling fans. We turn on our two box fans. […]

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