30-Day House Cleaning Challenge: Project #16 Clean the Bathroom


We are more than half way done the 30-Day House Cleaning Challenge!  Today’s project was to deep clean the bathroom.  One of the nice things I’ve noticed about this challenge, is the that the more often I clean each room in the house, the less time it takes to clean it.  This is because 1) I know now know what needs done, 2) I can find the supplies easier, and 3) the room has not gotten as dirty since the last time I cleaned it.

As you can see, today I put away toothbrushes and shampoo.  I had to ask Naomi where the toilet paper roll holder was.  She told me it was under her bed.  Hmm.  Well, she was right, so I was able to put the toilet paper back where it belonged.  Then I cleaned the toilet, shook out the rug, mopped the floor, and sprayed the mirror, window, cabinets, and shower.  The kids sat in the doorway watching me as I worked.  We emptied all our trash last night, so that didn’t need to be done.  A friend gave Oliver the training potty yesterday, so he’s been excited to try using it.


Finally, I thought you would enjoy seeing what has become of our mud room since I cleaned it yesterday.  As you can see, things don’t stay clean for long around here!


What are you doing on this fine Tuesday?  Are you finding it easier to clean after 16 days of house cleaning?

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4 Responses to “30-Day House Cleaning Challenge: Project #16 Clean the Bathroom”

  1. Yes! I was just thinking that same thing today – it has been A LOT easier to clean with these challenges as the weeks go by. Now if only my house would stay that way… 🙂

  2. My bathroom is becoming *almost* self-cleaning these days! Here’s hopin that we will each keep it up after the challenge!

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