How to Find Inexpensive Greeting Cards On-line

When I was young, my parents required us to make birthday cards, mother’s day cards, and father’s day cards prior to the appropriate holidays.  My mom is an artist, and she likes encouraging us to be creative whenever possible.  When we were little we really enjoyed this opportunity to show off our artistic and literary talents, while incorporating our witty humor and meaningful dialogue.  We each had our areas of expertise, and over the years the complexity of our cards evolved.

Now as adults, we don’t have the time that did in the past to conjure up beautiful greeting cards.  One solution that I have found recently, is creating inexpensive greeting cards on-line.  While not as unique as the cards we made using art supplies, they nonetheless are more unique than those you will find at grocery store and can be filled with your favorite photos.

You can find lots of great deals for FREE or very inexpensive photo cards on-line, by following websites like Money Saving Mom Usually the best deals appear prior to major holidays.  At those times I stock up on cards for the upcoming season (like using a Father’s Day deal to get my summer birthday cards).

I have enjoyed getting my greeting cards from websites like Tiny Prints,, Snapfish, MyPublisher, Vistaprint, SeeHere, Smilebooks, Winkflash, Snapily, Picaboo,, Kodak Gallery, York Photo, and Shutterfly…just to name a few.  This is one of the reasons why you will see some of them advertised in my sidebar.  You can get them from lots of other companies too.  I keep trying new companies to compare products and take advantage of great deals.  They usually don’t take long to make, and I enjoy having another outlet for my photography.  If you plan ahead, the cards are usually delivered quickly using quality printing and paper.  I have also tried deals for photo prints, 3-D cards, photo collages, photo strips, photo books, photo calendars, photos on canvas, and even a photo mug.

If you enjoy giving and receiving greeting cards, I would invite you to experiment with purchasing them on-line!  It’s really worked well for me for the past year, and maybe you’ll enjoy it too!

How do you find great deals on greeting cards?

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  1. Roy says:

    Very nice article, exactly what I was looking for.

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