How to Brush Your Toddler’s Hair

Despite Naomi’s smooth hair, she does an excellent job at making a sticky mess of it on a daily basis.  No matter how many baths she takes, brushing can be a “hairy” prospect.  She also has very straight hair which hangs right in her eyes unless I pull it back each day.  I was ready to pull my own hair out after trying to brush hers!

Then I saw a suggestion in a parenting magazine (which I unfortunately cannot find to give them credit).  The author suggested playing “Beauty Salon” with  your toddler when brushing her hair.  Give her a baby doll and allow her to use a hair brush, barrettes, pony-tail holders, hairbands, etc to style her baby doll.  While you are styling her hair, she will busily style her own baby’s hair.

I have to admit, I didn’t think it would work, but I was willing to try anything.  Not only does Naomi LOVE it, but she now insists on playing “Beauty Salon” every day when I brush her hair.  Every morning she holds out her hand and says, “Baby,” “Brush,” “Barrettes.”  She is so distracted that she no longer minds me brushing and fixing her hair (unless I find a knot!)

What techniques have you found useful in taming your child’s tangles?

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