Handmade by Kayla Holmes

As many of you know, my husband is an Area Director for Young Life.  Through Young Life, we have many friends.  So when word got out that I was pregnant with our third child, Kayla Holmes asked my husband if she could make me a car seat cover.

IMG_2179 Kayla asked me to look at her Facebook page.  She said I could choose an item, or I could describe what I like, and she could try to make something to suit my tastes.

IMG_2186Well, she did a fabulous job!  I described my tastes to her, and she made a car seat cover that perfectly suited my style.  She even adjusted the canopy ties when she realized that our handle was a zig-zag.

IMG_2188As you can see, Evelyn was also quite pleased with the final result.  So please check out Handmade by Kayla Holmes and “like” her Facebook Page!

(PS–Kayla doesn’t know that I’m posting this and didn’t ask me to feature it.  In fact, she may not even know that I have a blog.  Mwah-ha-ha-ha…)

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2 Responses to “Handmade by Kayla Holmes”

  1. kayla holmes says:

    hey there!!! i didn’t know you had a blog!!! lol it looks great and your baby is beautiful!!! thanks so much!!!

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