The Blogging Masterminds

Every blogger needs her blogging friends, and I would like to tell you a little bit about mine!  These girls are all at various stages in their blogging journey–some are just starting out and others have been blogging for a long time.

  • Small World, Big Girl: I’ve known Laura since we were kids, because she’s my cousin!  Laura writes about infertility, and some of the other struggles she has overcome in the last couple years.
  • A Better Mum: Christie was my RA in college, and lived in China before I did.  She gave me lots of great tips on being pregnant in China and cloth diapering!  Although originally from Australia, she now lives in the good ole USA.
  • Annie Blogging: Annie lived in my college dormitory, and also recently made a big move across the country.  She reflects on her life and kids and cooking.
  • The Frey’s: Brad has known Peter since Brad coached him in soccer as a teenager.  Peter and Mary write about their life as newlyweds, preparing for ministry.
  • Shining Through the Sorrow: I met Meghan through her husband Kyle, who did youth ministry with Brad and I when we were newlyweds.  She began blogging through the pain of losing their son Gabe to Potter’s Syndrome.  Megan is actually overdue with their fourth child, who may be born by the time this post goes live!
  • More Than Enough: Mary and her husband were in the “Young Couples” Sunday School class with Brad and I when we were first married.  After their first two children were born, Mary’s family adopted three more children from Ethiopia.  She is a great source of information on international adoption!
  • A Working Mom’s Life: When I was an art teacher, Christina taught in the classroom next door.  Christina blogs about being a working mom!
  • My Overthinking: Kelly’s dad was my boss in China.  Shortly after we returned from China, Kelly’s family adopted a little girl from an orphanage there.  Kelly is also a great source of information on international adoption!
  • I Don’t Have A Clue But I’m Finding Out: Katherine’s husband was in China at the same time we were, and they were married soon after he returned.  Katherine just finished up grad school, with two kids in tow!
  • Breathe: We met Crystal when she spoke at Young Life camp, when Brad was the Head Leader.  As an English professor and published writer, she is one of the most accomplished writers I know in real life.
  • The Gardner’s Dirt: I met Becca when we moved to California.  She is a very creative gal who runs her own Etsy shop.  She recently moved across the country, where she teaches full-time.  She is full of fun ideas for places to visit and things to do with your kids!
  • Loving My Nest: Jessica and I met at the library one day, and found out that we attended the same church!  She has since moved away, and begun a blog.  As a former Kindergarten teacher, Jessica is a great resource on everything from lesson plans to freezer cooking!

I’d love to get to know you and your blog a little better!  If you are a blogger, please share a little bit about yourself and your blog in the comments section below!

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8 Responses to “The Blogging Masterminds”

  1. I have been following your blog since last summer. I am about to become a single mom, my little one is due July 15th. I started my blog Budgeting in Baby for a few reasons, 1. to share coupons and baby related deals with people and 2. to keep me accountable for staying in my budget for Emmett.

  2. I blog at

    I’m a full-time student (graduating this December!) and I blog about all things frugal. I’m a couponer, freebie grabber, online deal seeker, thrift store shopper, gardener, crafter, and a crazy chicken lady.

  3. […] I spent this year deepening friendships with friends from church, my siblings, my parents, and even other bloggers!  I was also reminded again and again, what an awesome man of God I […]

  4. LaDonna Curteman says:

    I’ve been interested in starting a blog about birthday parties and need a mentor. You group of bloggers sound great! What is the protacal for getting advice from seasoned bloggers?

    • Jessica says:

      I’m not sure that there is any protocol. My “Masterminds” were just friends that I knew were blogging. As I looked back over the list, only 5 of them have written a post in 2015 (Shining Through the Sorrow, A Working Mom’s Life, My Overthinking, I Don’t Have A Clue But I’m Finding Out, and Breathe). There is a Facebook group called “Sacramento Bloggers” that I joined awhile back (although I don’t really follow it), and I think you can just do a Facebook search to find other Facebook groups that fit your blogging niche. When I first started blogging, I followed Amy Lynn Andrews for step-by-step instructions. I also follow Money Saving Mom, and she has done many posts on blogging. I have asked questions on blogs, Facebook, and e-mailed other bloggers to ask questions. There are several major conferences out there for bloggers to attend, although I have never attended one myself. I hope that helps!

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