30-Day House Cleaning Challenge: Projects #28-#30 Vacuum, Sweep, & Mop the Entire House


So we’ve reached the end of the 30-Day House Cleaning Challenge!  Yesterday was jam-packed, so I only found time to vacuum all four of the rugs in the house.  (I also had a killer headache yesterday and this morning thanks to a spontaneous decision to give up my morning cup of coffee.  Ouch!)  However, today I was able to sweep AND mop the entire house.  Since it was the last day of the challenge, this was one chore I did not want to miss.  When you have a house with mostly wood floors, a thorough mopping is occasionally necessary.

I also tidied up around the house as usual, folding clothes, putting away clothes, washing dishes, picking up toys, etc.  Above you can see our master bedroom, and below you can see our living room.  The kids were busy playing “office” with a small dresser in the doorway of their bedroom.

After 30 days of cleaning, I can confidently tell you that our house has been “spring-cleaned.”  There isn’t a room in the house that hasn’t improved from this month.  I really enjoyed taking this big task and making it many small tasks.  With three children ages three and under, I don’t think there would have been any other way to tackle such a big chore.  Thanks for joining me for the 30-Day House Cleaning Challenge!


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