Book Review: Finding God in the Dark by Ted Kluck & Ronnie Martin

My initial interest in this book stemmed from my own experiences with death, disappointment, and disillusionment.  As I began to read Finding God in the Dark: Faith, Disappointment, and the Struggle to Believe, I found it difficult to connect to recording artist Ronnie Martin, and in fact disliked him at first.  However, the more I read the more he grew on me.  I also enjoyed reading writer Ted Kluck, and found it easier to relate to him.  As Kluck and Martin take turns sharing their hurts and their hearts, they touch on numerous Biblical figures including David, Joseph, Nebuchadnezzar, Judas, and Elijah.  I enjoyed this book’s insights into doubt, failure, struggles, questions, and unbelief.  It’s an easy read (only 139 pages), and it moves quickly.  Just a hunch, but I think men might enjoy this book more than women.

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