Book Review: Surprised by Joy

For the past couple weeks I have been reading Surprised by Joy by C.S. Lewis.  I really enjoyed this autobiographical account of his early life.  I’ve read many of his books, both for children and adults.  I gained a lot of insights into the origins of his books and personality.  It was refreshing to see the humanity in a man so revered, and to see how he became a writer.  This book is truly the story of his search for Joy, and ends with his belief in God and conversion to Christianity.  It was really interesting to see how he came to faith through the books he read, through serious reasoning, discussion, and debate.  At many times in this book I was reminded of the long philosophical discussions that college students love to have long into the night.  This book was very different from any other book I’ve read by Lewis, but his admirers will find this book a fascinating look into his personal life.

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