A Slice of Heaven

With the combination of warmer weather and our kids being a little older, I have really enjoyed the opportunity to let the kids spend more time outside.  It’s great for their health, and my sanity!  They love to follow Brad around the yard as he waters his fruit trees and flowers, or as he hangs the laundry to dry.  I love to see their creativity blossom as they dig in the dirt, push tractors through pine needles, find worms, drag the hose, fill and dump buckets, pick up sticks, ride on their cars, and draw with sidewalk chalk.  They also seem to argue less with so much to distract them, and I love to see teamwork instead of conflict.

As I watch them “working” outside from my vantage point at the kitchen window, I feel like I get to enjoy my own little slice of heaven.  Watching Brad and our kids work and play in the backyard while I wash the dishes or prepare dinner is something I have dreamed of doing.  You see, I love my family and loved my upbringing.  I remember all those long summer nights of playing in the backyard while my Dad worked in the garden and my Mom watched us all from the kitchen window as she washed the dinner dishes.  And I dreamed that one day I would have a family of my own to watch from my own kitchen window.

When I look out my kitchen window, I see a dream come true, my own little slice of heaven.  Mommy, Daddy, Naomi, & Oliver.  A portrait of love, family, and home.  I am so grateful for our wonderful life, and our beautiful family.  God has blessed us with so much!

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