What I’ve Been Up To For The Last 6 Weeks & How My Goals Are Changing

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I looked at the calendar today, and realized that it has been 6 weeks since I last posted to my blog!  I could blame the fact that I substitute-taught for several days in March and April, or the fact that Brad went on a mission trip to Mexico for Spring Break, or even that my computer was so tortuously slow that I began to avoid it completely.

But really, the thing that has been taking up most of my free time is I have been finding ways to help my husband with his youth ministry responsibilities.  And honestly, I’m loving it.  It’s been great for me, great for my husband, great for our marriage, great for our kids, and great for our ministry.  It turns out that I make a pretty good administrative assistant.

I’ve often noted that the things I learn here at The Abundant Wife help me in other areas of my life.  Well, it turns out that these things are helpful to my husband as well.  I created a Twitter account for him, and updated his calendar, photographs, website, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and YouTube accounts.  I’ve created Facebook events, Excel documents, researched fundraisers, written recommendations, and helped him create and mail a newsletter.  I’ve sent e-mails, Facebook messages, made phone calls, written thank you notes, and run errands for him.

One of the biggest things that I have done for my husband, is I have made his goals, my goals.  Instead of focusing on the $4599.79 left until we are debt-free, I have been focusing on raising the $13,000 he needs to complete his annual budget.  Instead of substitute-teaching, I began asking what I could do to help him with his job.  Instead of worrying over our loss of income, I got involved in raising the difference.

As of right now, one of the primary ways we are raising the funds we need is through a fundraising website called Razoo.  I have been responsible for creating this fundraiser, and our entire ministry committee has been inviting their friends and family to donate.  I have never asked any of you to support our ministry on this website before, but today I would like you to consider giving to our campaignWe hope to raise the entire $13,000 by June 30, 3 weeks from now.  So far we have raised almost $4,000!  Each donation is tax deductible, and allows us to continue sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ with the high school students in our area schools.

If you can’t give to our campaign, you can also help us by sharing this post, pinning the image above, sharing the Razoo link, and finally, most importantly, praying for us.

Thank you for reading, and thank you for considering our campaign.  Thank you for putting up with my long breaks from blogging, and thank you for being the world’s best readers.  I couldn’t ask for more!




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