Frumps to Pumps: The Get-Dressed Challenge! Week 3

In all honesty, I fell off the wagon this week.

Like Sarah Mae, I came down with a 24-hour head cold.  The kids had it first, so I knew I’d get it next.  I dragged around all day Tuesday feeling worse and worse.  I tried napping but struggled to get any decent sleep with the kids up at alternating times.  So I went to bed early Tuesday night and slept in on Wednesday morning.

Thankfully I was feeling a little better on Wednesday, and even better on Thursday (today).  I treated my frumpy sick self to cups of hot water with lemon and honey, and tried to make meals that wouldn’t turn my stomach or require much preparation.

Sometimes you just have to give yourself some grace.  Perfection is not a requirement of motherhood, last I checked.

Where do you need to give yourself some grace this week? 
The Get Dressed Challenge!

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