Daily Routines

My children love routines.  Monday through Friday you will find little variation in our days.  My daily schedule looks something like this:

  • Wake Up, Shower, Breakfast, Bible, Journal, Read
  • Brad Goes to Work
  • Fold Laundry
  • Check E-mail & Facebook, Balance Checkbook, Pay Bills
  • Blog
  • Children Wake Up & Get Dressed
  • Breakfast
  • Bath
  • 101 Dalmations Sing-Along Video
  • Lunch
  • Get the Mail
  • Children Nap (I Work Around the House)
  • Park or Walk or Run Errands
  • Brad Comes Home & Goes Running
  • Dinner
  • Naomi & I Draw
  • Naomi & Granddad Feed the Dogs
  • Reading with the Children
  • Children’s Bed Time
  • Our Bed Time


Naomi especially loves our routine.  With her growing vocabulary, she is quick to remind me if I delay, skip, or forget one of our activities.  Both children love to sleep and become overtired when they miss out on valuable rest.

I thrive on a schedule too.  When Brad accepted his long-term substitute-teaching assignment in mid-February, I decided that I would get up too.  So for the first time I began getting up before the children.  I now love and look forward to my quiet mornings, and the opportunity to get myself prepared to face the day before I need to meet their needs.

What routines give structure to your day?  When are you most productive?

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