“Use it Up, Wear it Out, Make it Do, or Do Without”

Use it Up, Wear it Out, Make it Do, or Do Without

During the Great Depression, a popular aphorism was “Use it Up, Wear it Out.  Make it Do, or Do Without.”  If you have spoken to or spent time with someone who lived through the Great Depression, you will notice that many consider frugality a virtue.  Our grandparents learned the hard way how to make things last.  Getting through hard times means changing your mindset.  If you want to get out of debt and live within your means, you have to stop buying new things.  In fact, you may even have to do without some things.  What follows are some of the things we do without, or have done without, during our eight years of marriage:

Although you may not be able to do without all the items on my list, you may have some things in your home or lifestyle that you could do without.  Could you learn a new skill (like hair-cutting), cut an unused service, or refuse to replace something when it breaks?  Don’t try to give up everything at once, but instead choose one thing at a time.  It will take time to adapt to your new frugal lifestyle, but you may be surprised by how much you can do without.

What are some things that you have had to (or chosen to) do without over the years? 


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