The Drugstore Game Returns

This week I had to make a few purchases at CVS that would cost me $28.78.  I decided to put my new Drugstore Gaming knowledge to the test. I had a $2 CVS gift card that you might remember I received earlier this summer.

When I arrived at CVS, I put both kids in the cart and studied the sale paper.  I looked specifically for items that were low cost and high reward.  It turned out that Revlon Lip Colors were on sale for $6.99, with 5 ECBs back.

So I bought my Revlon Lip Color for $7.41 (with tax) and got 5 ECBs back.  Then I turned around (not literally!) and applied my 5 ECBs and my $2 CVS Gift Card to my $28.78 purchase.

Collective Total of Both Orders: $29.19.

Cost of the Revlon Lip Color (alone): $0.41.

Success!  I added the Lip Color to my growing stock pile of products to use once my current products run out.

Have you attempted to play the drugstore game recently?

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5 Responses to “The Drugstore Game Returns”

  1. Oh I LOVE playing that game. I think I once had to do 12 seperate transactions at Walgreens to get the max cash back reward. Thank the Lord I had left the baby at home with Dad, he NEVER would have had the patiece for that.

    By the way, how did the move go???

    • Jessica says:

      Hi Kate!

      I have yet to look for a CVS in my new town, but I’m excited to try it again! You’re right…it is so much easier without the kids along. The move has gone well! We’re excited about our new place and new job, and we’re making lots of new friends. The community has really welcomed us warmly and generously.


  2. deborah says:

    Hi! I jumped over here from your post on Money Saving Mom. I was watching your blog load and thinking this is familiar. I am using the same theme on my blog! LOL! I enjoyed your post on how not to play the drug store game. I felt a little the same way with just learning good couponing. I wish I lived close to a CVS, but alas, I do not. I would like to give the drugstore game a try if I did.

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