Swagbucks Special Offer: How I Made $20 By Signing Up for eMusic

Last week I was studying my Swag Bucks home page in hopes of finding a way to earn a few more Swag Bucks.  I spotted a Swag Bucks special offer with a reward of 450 Swagbucks just for signing up for a 7-day Free Trial to eMusic. 

This sounded like a great deal to me because 450 Swagbucks will buy you a $5 Amazon gift card, which I then use to buy gifts for my family.

In addition, the 7-day Free Trial included a $10 credit to eMusic, good for 20 songs ($0.49 each) or one audio book.

So I signed up for my account, bought my $5 Amazon gift card, downloaded my 18 songs (some were more expensive than others), and then began the process of canceling my account before the Free Trial ended.

But eMusic did not want me to cancel my account.  Indeed, they offered me another $5 credit on my account just to stick around.

So tomorrow I’ll cancel my account as planned, having made $20 off of one Swag Bucks transaction.  SWEET!!!

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