Q & A Wednesday: What can I do with all these free magazines?

After reading my Freebie Friday! posts, you’re all starting to wonder: What does she do with all of those free magazines?  Does she really read all of them?

First of all, as a former art teacher, I never pass up free magazines unless they have inappropriate pictures in them.  You can do all kinds of fun projects with old magazines!  So here are a few suggestions for what you can do with all those FREE magazines:

  • Read them.  I’m a big fan of Thriving Family, Parents, and homeschooling magazines.  I also love recipes with big yummy color photos!
  • Give them to your kids.  Give them a photo scavenger hunt.  Have them assemble a collage person.  Cut out specific shapes or colors.  Shred them or DIY something.  Go crazy!
  • Give them to your friends and family.  Give the bridal magazine to your sister who is getting married.  Sit those ESPN magazines by the toilet for your husband.
  • Give them to people with special interests.  Give Skiing magazines to the Skier you met, or give the Popular Science magazine to your homeschooling friend whose son loves science.
  • Give them to school teachers.  As an art teacher, I would have LOVED it if someone had offered to keep updating my supply of beat-up cut-up magazines!
  • Give them to offices (dentist, doctor, veterinarian, mechanic, etc) for their waiting room or lobby.  Help them to update their reading material!

What would you suggest someone do with a pile of free magazines?

Today I am linking up with “Works-for-Me-Wednesday” at We Are THAT Family.  I encourage you to check out some of the other great ideas that have worked for moms like me!


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