July 1, 2013: Dear Evelyn


Dear Evelyn,

Despite having the most difficult pregnancy to date, you are by far our easiest baby.  You are mellow and happy and sleep well.  Your smiles, giggles, and coos make the tougher moments with the older kids easier to bear.  You’re ticklish and love to be snuggled and cuddled.  You smile at everyone, and your deep dimples delight all.  Your hair is so fluffy, with crazy curls and tufts in all directions, that we compare you to “Doc Brown” from Back to the Future.  Unlike Oliver and Naomi, you burp easily each time you nurse and spit-up very little.  This means I don’t have to carry burp clothes everywhere, and you wear the same clothes all day long.  It’s nice have such a neat and clean baby!

You are so mellow, that we often remark that it would be easy to forget you’re around.  By two weeks you were sleeping ten hours a night, and were only up once.  By five weeks you were sleeping seven hours straight!  When you wake up you lay in the bassinet or pack-and-play looking around and smiling.  Your face lights up when someone peeks in at you.  You rarely cry unless you are desperately hungry, tired, or in need of a diaper change.  You usually stop crying as soon as someone picks you up.  You sleep anywhere, even the living room floor.  You also love to lay on your belly, propped up on your elbows.  You are content to watch the world go by, which is easy with two busy siblings zooming around!  They both adore you, and rush to your side whenever you cry.  Now that you can reach for things, they love to hand you things or let you grab their fingers or faces.

Last week you not only turned five months old, but you started scooting across the floor in an almost-crawl!  Where does the time go?  At three and a half months (14 weeks) you started rolling everywhere.  Now there’s no stopping you from reaching what you want if it’s anywhere on the floor near you.  I think you will be our little monkey.  Neither one of our older children has reached these milestones this early.  I predict you’ll be climbing out of the crib and over baby gates in no time at all!  Speaking of which, we packed up your bassinet last week, and moved your pack-and-play into the bedroom with the older kids.  It’s been an adjustment, but I think you’re handling the switch better than they are.  They just can’t get enough of their favorite baby sister!

Evelyn, I often joke that if every baby was as easy as you, the planet would be overpopulated!  You make this whole parenting thing look easy.  Even though your pregnancy and my postpartum surgery have made your arrival the most stressful, you are worth it all.  We are completely in love with you!




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