Free Toddler Toys: Empty Plastic Canisters

Back in November I suggested some Free & Easy Toddler Toys, and among them were empty plastic canisters.  Recently I was eying my children’s kitchen set (itself a $20 yard sale purchase–thanks Mom!) and noting how many free toys they had.  Here below is some of their collection.

I love that these hardy little containers can take a beating when my children are playing with them, unlike some children’s toys.  I also love that when we accumulate too many, or they start to break, I can feel no guilt in throwing them away and replacing them with a “new” canister.

What kinds of free or recycled toys do your children enjoy using for play?

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6 Responses to “Free Toddler Toys: Empty Plastic Canisters”

  1. Nellie says:

    Just found your page tonight…love it.

    My 15 month old loves to play with cardboard boxes, lids and containers, paper cups, and pans.

  2. Dawn Hild says:

    I wish my son and his wife would understand how much money they could save with ideas like this…
    Plus the kids usually have more fun with the recyclables, than store bought versions.

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