Dear Naomi: March 27, 2012

Dear Naomi,

As I sat down to write to you, I checked to see when I had last written to you.  I was shocked to see it was 8 months ago!  I am sorry for waiting so long to write to you.  But you already know what a forgetful Mommy I am.  Where would I be without my “big helper” reminding me all day, every day what I should be doing?

Naomi, you are my little mother.  Your daddy and I love to overhear you or talk to you.  You “read” books to Oliver and your babies, you sing songs to them, and you boss them around.  You mimic adult activities from cooking, to office work, to nursing and putting your babies down for a nap.  You lecture and discipline your little charges, buckle them in their seat belts in the truck, and allow them to watch you use the potty. You also mother your daddy and me, making sure that we go where we should go, bring what we need to bring, and do all that we should do to care for you and Oliver.

Your love for music is one of your most notable traits.  We love to hear you singing throughout the house, even when you frequently mess up the words or repeat the same line over and over again.  You sing, “Jesus loves me,” the “ABC Song,” Barney’s “Clean-Up Song,” “B-I-N-G-O,” “The More We Get Together,” “In the Secret,” “The Wheels on the Bus,” “Old MacDonald,” “Row, Row, Row Your Boat,” the “Hokey-Pokey,” “You Are My Sunshine,” “How He Loves Us,” and more.  We laugh when you turn a cord with a plug into a microphone, or a bent piece of metal into a guitar.  And as always, you love to dance.  You were dancing before you could walk, and even now you begin dancing at the first notes of any song. It is not hard to imagine that someday you might want to pursue a career in music like your Aunt Kristy, or dance like Miss Katie.

Your daddy and I are so impressed with your intelligence.  You love to “remember” things, and to remind us of things we are planning to do in the future.  Your language and humor improve daily.  On the other hand, as your understanding grows, so does your stubbornness and independence.  You insist on making your own choices, voicing your own opinions, and demonstrating your strong will.  We are learning to pick our battles, give you choices, and guide you toward smart decisions.  It’s not always easy, but we are all learning to be patient with one another.

In 3 1/2 months you will be 3 years old.  My, how time flies!  Sometimes I wish you could stay this age forever.  You are my favorite little girl, and will always hold a special place in my heart, no matter how old you are.




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  1. First off, your blog is so pretty! :). What a precious letter to your daughter — time really does fly by so fast!

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