Cross-Country Holiday Air Travel on a Tight Budget

Cross-country air travel is not exactly cheap these days.  Here is how we were able to afford to fly our family of four home for Thanksgiving on a tight budget:

  1. We asked for help with travel expenses as a Christmas gift.
  2. We made our presence a present.  (We spent our Christmas gift money on airfare.)
  3. Brad & I substitute-taught for 3 of the 12 days we were home.
  4. We bought snacks at the grocery store/CVS before we left so that we wouldn’t buy expensive convenience foods at the airport or elsewhere.
  5. We stayed with family, borrowed a family car, and our parents babysat the kids for free while we were teaching.
  6. We packed light.  We didn’t earn any extra fees by checking luggage.
  7. We bought our tickets for dates that were least expensive.

What are some ways that you have found to save money when you travel for the holidays?

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