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CVS Drugstore Game: All This For $2.39!

After going Black Friday Shopping with my mom and sister, I had $5.50 worth of Extra Care Bucks to spend by December 26.  So Naomi and I went out to return our library books and pick up a few things at CVS. I had two rain-checks for cereal ($0.87) from Black Friday, and a coupon […]

Black Friday Shopping at CVS

I had not really planned to go out on Black Friday, but after I saw the long list of freebies at CVS, I had to see them for myself.  We were back in Maryland for the holiday, and using disposable diapers temporarily.  I had no CVS Extra Care Bucks when I began, so I decided […]

Yard Sales 101

When we moved to California, my new friend Lucy remarked that her friend Linda is an excellent Yard Saler.  She suggested that I might want to join them for a little yard-sale adventure.  I thought it sounded like a great idea, so on October 29 Lucy picked me up at 6:15am to drive the 45 […]

My First Craigslist Purchase

I knew this day would come but, with our previous living arrangements and then our big move, I had procrastinated.  It was time to commit.  If you looked at our kids’ room photos from last week, you probably noticed that 2-year-old Naomi was in her crib, and 9-month-old Oliver was in his pack-n-play.  Both children […]

I’m Published!

Yesterday I opened my favorite blog, Money Saving Mom, and saw the title of her most recent article, “How Not to Play the Drugstore Game.”  My first thought was, “Crystal must have liked that article I submitted back in May, and decided to write one of her own.”  But as I glanced through the blog […]

The Drugstore Game Returns

This week I had to make a few purchases at CVS that would cost me $28.78.  I decided to put my new Drugstore Gaming knowledge to the test. I had a $2 CVS gift card that you might remember I received earlier this summer. When I arrived at CVS, I put both kids in the […]

7 Items at Old Navy for $17!

Back in June I bought a $20 voucher to Old Navy for only $10 through the daily deals website called Groupon.  I was hanging onto it in hopes that I would find a great deal! At the end of July, Old Navy had a $4 Sale on lots of there summer items. In addition, Money […]

How to Find Inexpensive Greeting Cards On-line

When I was young, my parents required us to make birthday cards, mother’s day cards, and father’s day cards prior to the appropriate holidays.  My mom is an artist, and she likes encouraging us to be creative whenever possible.  When we were little we really enjoyed this opportunity to show off our artistic and literary […]

The Drugstore Game: Failure & Success

Well, let’s just say it wasn’t pretty. My mom agreed to watch the kids so that I could go shopping.  I had my CVS card, advertisement, notes, and coupons in hand.  However, I forgot my Extra Care Bucks. A fact which I didn’t realize until I reached the register.  I should have just stopped there […]

Drugstore Game: Take 3

Yesterday I walked into CVS with Oliver, and we were prepared with our coupons, our list, our advertisements, and 1 ECB (Extra Care Buck) from my last trip. First, I used my 1 ECB to buy Extra Strength Exedrin (8 ct.).  I spent nothing and got 1 ECB back. Second, I used that 1 ECB […]

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