Book Review: 100 Ways to Save $1000 by Scott Kerzner

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Today I received a free e-book for subscribing to the blog, “In Due Season.”  I didn’t begin reading this book with very high expectations.  I’d never heard of Scott Kerzner or his blog.  I was pleased to see that his e-book was only 32 pages long which meant I could read it in one sitting while my kids were napping.

Well, Scott Kerzner completely surprised me.  Unlike many free e-books, this one was really well-written.  As I read it I found myself smiling, then giggling, then laughing out loud at his off-beat humor.  I appreciated the simple design and the great suggestions.  Many of his ideas are things we do around here like:

  • #2 Reuse Ziploc Bags
  • #3 Freeze Bread
  • #5 Make Your Own Reuseable Wipes
  • #7 Use Teabags Twice
  • #34 Never Go Food Shopping on an Empty Stomach
  • #35 Go Shopping During Food Sample Times
  • #58-#59 Check out Home Depot & Lowes Building Workshops for Kids

If you’re looking for a light-hearted perspective on saving money, you’ll enjoy this quick read!

What good books have you read recently?

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