A little wood glue goes a long way…

When Oliver was born, my mom bought us an inexpensive little dresser from Wal-mart for his clothes (center-right).  Unfortunately it didn’t survive the 2,700 mile trip in the back of our U-haul truck.  The front of the third drawer snapped off and the plastic hinges broke.

We went ahead and filled the dresser with clothing, but I hoped to either fix it or throw it away since Oliver kept pulling out the clothes, and it didn’t exactly look nice.

Then one morning (once we had finished unpacking some) I purchased a little bottle of wood glue and re-glued the front of the drawer and all the seems, replacing the broken hinges with new ones.

Now you can’t even tell the difference!  I’m sure this little dresser won’t last forever, but for now it is in good working order again.  It will certainly buy us some time until we can find a sturdier dresser at a later time.

What inexpensive home improvements have you made recently?

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  1. Julie Johnson says:

    My upstairs main bathroom is very old and the shower surround and walls need replacing. My sister bought two expandable shower rods, and two curtain rods and hung shower curtains all the way around the tub; overlapping so the walls wouldn’t get wet. When the curtains get icky, I toss them in the washer.

    We only take showers, so this is working; the shower head hangs over the “curtain rod” so the only awkward part of this is the shampoo and soap. I put them on the floor of the shower when I’m in there.

    We need a remodel, but in the meantime, this works great!

    Thanks Sis! (total cost was about $20.00)

    • Jessica says:

      That’s awesome! What a great sister, and what a great idea! 🙂

    • mary anne says:

      I am the sis who did the $20 upgrade in my sister’s shower. She makes me feel like a genius. We had such a great time together that day. It is something we had never done together before but we love talking long distance about home improvement shabby chic style.

      • Jessica says:

        I have 3 sisters and they are always full of ideas. I am the former art teacher, but I’ve always felt they were more creative with crafts and decorating. It’s so great that you and your sister can advise one another long-distance and even occasionally get to work on a project together!

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