A Free Fence! (Part 2)


Two weeks ago I mentioned that our neighbors had decided to replace the fence between our yards.  They have been working on the project whenever they can, so it’s been fun to see their progress!


You can see that the new fence should be a lot stronger than the old fence, and the planks are narrower and lighter in color.  In the photo below you can see where the two fences join at the back corner of our lot.


What fun and/or free developments have been taking place around your yard?

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3 Responses to “A Free Fence! (Part 2)”

  1. shanna says:

    3 yrs ago we bought our smaller home to downsize. Our yard needed a lot of work b/c the man who lived here did not take good care of it. We lived here exactly one yr & one of my husbands clients (that we’ve become friends with) decided she was tired of taking care of most of her plants & offered them to us. She even had already dug everything up all we had to do was load them & take them away. She has a very lg yard & we got a ton of plants that filled up our own back yd & then some. Now 2 yrs later & everything has taken off & has doubled or tripled in sz. We’ve been told we have magic soil b/c no matter what you plant it takes off like crazy lol. She saved us thousands of $$. God knew exactly what we needed when we needed it. He cares even if it is something like plants to make your yd pretty 🙂

  2. Lisa says:

    We moved into our house mid spring last year. We transplanted hostas. This year trees have come down, bird feeds put up, discovered flowers that had already been mowed last year, so we dug them up and will transplant them this fall, and my mom gave us decorative bricks to start a retaining wall, landscaping rocks” and two lilac sprouts, two bleeding hearts, peonies, and a rhubarb plant. Friends gave us garden sprouts that we made a garden for. And my favorite… we started a compost pile!! We are very blessed!

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