33 Reasons it’s Great to be 33

33 Reasons It's Great to be 33!

I recently celebrated my 33rd birthday.  An older woman at church that Sunday wished me a happy birthday, and then followed it up with, “You don’t have to tell me how old you are.”  I laughed and told her I’m 33.  For some people I guess 33 is a sobering (or embarrassing) number.  If I live to be 100, I’m about a third of the way through my life.  But for me, 33 is a wonderful number.  I am not ashamed of my age.  I have lived a full, beautiful, amazing life.  I wouldn’t want to lose any one of those 33 years, or the things I learned along the way.  At 33 years old I am doing what I always dreamt I would do.  In fact, I wish I could freeze time and stay 33 for the next 67 years because I love these “little years” with my children.  Here are 33 reasons I think it’s great to be 33:

  1. 1 Fantastic Husband
  2. 2 Great Parents
  3. 3 Incredible Children
  4. 4 New Shirts From Twice.com
  5. 5 Amazing Siblings
  6. 6 Kids’ DVDs to Distract My Kids
  7. 7:15am Waking Up to Naomi & Oliver Singing “Happy Birthday!”
  8. 8 Years of Marriage to my Wonderful Husband
  9. 9 Years Since Our First Date
  10. 10 Adorable Fingers & 10 Adorable Toes on my Baby Girl
  11. 11 Countries I’ve Visited in the World
  12. 12pm Phone Call from my Sister
  13. $13,000 Until We’re Debt-Free!
  14. 14 Years Pimple-Free
  15. 15 Years Since I Graduated From High School
  16. 16 Years Since I Grew Out My Perm
  17. 17 Sprinkle Pancakes
  18. 18 Months Living in China
  19. 19 Years of Schooling (Elementary, Middle, High, UnderGrad, Grad)
  20. 20 Days Until Our Taxes are Due…Which Means Tax Refund!
  21. 21 Minutes on the Phone with my Sister Last Week Hearing about her New Baby!
  22. 22 Bags of Frozen Pumpkin & Squash Still In Our Freezer
  23. 23 Days in Arizona This Summer
  24. 24 hours since I was Exempted from Jury Duty
  25. $25 Birthday Check from my Grandmother
  26. 26 Candles on my German Chocolate Birthday Cake (that’s all we could find!)
  27. 2720 Miles from California to Visit our Family in Maryland every Thanksgiving
  28. 28 Years Old When I Found Out I was Pregnant with Naomi
  29. 29 Inches Tall: Evelyn’s Current Height
  30. 30 Years Since my Parents Moved from Pennsylvania to Maryland
  31. 131,598 miles on our Truck (which has been paid off for 4 years)
  32. 32 Years Since I Became a Big Sister
  33. 33 States I’ve Visited in the United States

If you’ve celebrated a birthday recently, or will be celebrating one soon, I challenge you to generate a list of reasons why it’s great to be your age.  You might be surprised by how much you have to be grateful for!

“Do not regret growing older, it is a privilege denied to many.”–Unknown

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