Toddler Tuesday: Hammer Time

I’ve had a pile of curtains laying on the floor in our bedroom since some time in January.  This week I finally got around to hanging them.  Oliver was fascinated by my hammering, so I found him a piece of scrap wood and a few nails.

Oliver Hammer

As you can tell, he was very intent on his work.  I explained to him the difference between nails and screws, and how to use the hammer safely.  He was a very serious student.  He gently hammered each nail, and then showed me how he could use the opposite side of the hammer to remove the nail.

Oliver Hammer

We have often predicted that Oliver will be an architect or builder.  He has always loved to stack nesting blocks, build with legos, line up wooden blocks, create towers, dig in the dirt, and push tractors and trucks.

What activities does your little boy like to do for fun?

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4 Responses to “Toddler Tuesday: Hammer Time”

  1. Katherine A. says:

    This is very Montessori of you! Practical (as in he’s acquiring an actual skill), hands on, requires focus! Excellent idea.

  2. Karilyn says:

    Aw! He’s such a little man! I can’t wait to see him again!

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