Simplifying Dish-Washing

I am the oldest of six children, which means I grew up in a household of eight people.  Eight people translates into piles and piles of dirty dishes at the end of every day, and who likes to do dishes?

1. One of the ways that Brad and I have found to cut down on dishes, is to have a “One Per Person Per Day” Rule.  Limiting each person to “One” (Cup, Plate, Bowl, etc) each day cuts down on the dish-washing chore all day long.  When your one item is dirty, instead of getting out a new one, you wash the one you have chosen.

2. Another way that we keep dish-washing simple, is we try to to wash the dishes immediately after each meal.  Dishes that have been sitting with caked-on food all day can be nearly impossible to clean.  Clearing off leftover food, rinsing, and washing dishes immediately after eating means less work in the long run.

3. Finally, we share the dish-washing responsibilities.  I wash the breakfast and lunch dishes, and Brad washes the dinner dishes (while I bathe the kids, read to them, and get them ready for bed).  It’s so nice to wake up each morning to a clean kitchen and clean dishes!  Since we share the dish-washing responsibilities, neither one of us feels overwhelmed by the job.

How does your family simplify dish-washing?

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2 Responses to “Simplifying Dish-Washing”

  1. Debbie says:

    I clean as I cook. When something goes in the oven, I clean the cutting boards and knives, etc, that were used to prepare it. 🙂

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