Our Financial Goals: Paying Off Debt (May 2013)


Our Federal, California, and Maryland Tax Refunds arrived!  With the money we received, we were able to pay off a significant amount of our student loans.

Currently we owe:

  • $15,492.88 to Sallie Mae (4.5 Interest Rate)
  • $107,574.86 to Wells Fargo Home Mortgage (4.125 Interest Rate)
  • $123,067.74 Total

So we have paid off $10,406.53 since May 2012!

Imperfect progress is still progress, right?

Have you compiled a list of all of your debts, their interest rates, and their due dates?  What strategies are you using to pay off your debts?

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3 Responses to “Our Financial Goals: Paying Off Debt (May 2013)”

  1. Elise says:

    Impressive! We, too, are working on paying down some debt. It’s nice to know that others are in the same boat, though we haven’t quite worked out a system to pay it off and we are juggling things now with a baby on the way.

    • Jessica says:

      Some days it’s frustrating to see how far we have to go, but I love the community of people I’ve met on-line (like you) who are also paying off their debts. It’s great to feel that we’re not in this alone! 🙂

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