July 7, 2013: Dear Naomi


Dear Naomi,

I can’t believe we are celebrating your fourth birthday already!  This week I asked you a few times what you wanted for your birthday.  You told me that you wanted “balloons, cupcakes, a doll bed, and a ‘little sweep’ (a broom).”  I love how simple your requests are.  One night this week I stayed up far too long looking at Pinterest, agonizing over what to do for your birthday.  Your Dad reminded me that the best thing that we could give you is to love one another.  I have to agree, our relationships with each other are far more important than any gift I could give you.  You are a great example of love, lavishing all of us with hugs, kisses, generosity, politeness, and helpfulness.

You are such an intelligent girl, and indeed one of the most intelligent four-year-olds I have had the pleasure of knowing.  You know everything, or at least you think you do!  I told your Dad recently that aside from your afternoon nap, you talk from 7am to 8pm without a break!  You are constantly asking questions, and quickly pick up new information.  You keep me on my toes all day every day, wanting to know everything from what we will do next to why the world operates the way it does.  You have a great sense of humor, and an equally great sense of seriousness.  You are a born leader, and love to be in charge.  Oliver follows you everywhere, and you are quick to tell him what to do and how to do it right.  In the last five months you have also loved mothering little Evelyn, and are eager to help with her in any way we will allow.

You are so outgoing and assertive that we speculate that someday you’ll be a stay-at-home Mom, a teacher, the lead in the school play, or a Young Life Area Director.  You love to dance around the house in a princess costume or a tu-tu, swaying and spinning on your tip-toes.  You love to sing at the top of your lungs, whether in our house or the grocery store.  You love to read, and memorize the words to your favorite books, reciting them aloud to Oliver and Evelyn or even yourself.  You are my little artist, patiently painting, coloring, sculpting, and drawing at the kitchen table.  You recently learned to ride your bike, and love to ride down the sidewalk to the end of the street and back.  Whatever you choose to do with your life, I know you will do it well, because you approach everything with passion and deep concentration.

You say the sweetest things, which I know is a trait you get from your father.  On Sunday I walked out of our bedroom in a skirt I hadn’t worn in a while.  Your mouth dropped open, and you whispered, “WOW.  Mommy you look so pretty!”  You are quick to tell me how much you love me, how beautiful and amazing I am, how delicious dinner is, and how adorable Evelyn is.  You are a great encourager, and are quick to point out the best in people.  I love to listen to you pray at mealtimes or bedtimes, giving thanks for the simplest of blessings.  As our first child, you have taught us how to be parents, but you are also teaching us so many other valuable lessons.  Thank you for being you.  You are our favorite Naomi Faith!



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