July 16, 2013: Dear Oliver


Dear Oliver,

Today you, my handsome little man, are 31 months old.  It is so fun to see your personality coming out with each passing month.  You are sweet and affectionate, shy and sensitive, helpful and mischievous.

For a long time, we wondered when you would ever talk.  Unlike Naomi, who chattered from Day #1, you were most mostly mute.  We joked that you were the “strong, silent type.”  Aside from a few simple words (“Mama”, “Dada”) and sounds affects (vehicle noises, animal sounds), you waited to speak until just recently.  Now it seems like you have a new word every day!

Some of your favorite words are food-related: raisins (“rai-rai”), cheese, juice, water (“wa-wa”), freeze pop (“pop”), spoon, cereal, cookie, milk, bowl, banana (“nana”), and meat.  Your favorite foods are still fruits, and you eat every kind.  You can also say Oliver (“Olala”), Naomi (“Nay”), and Evelyn (“Baby”).  Your favorite number is your age (“two”), and when you count every number is two (“two-two-two-two…”).  Your favorite letter is “C” so when Naomi sings the ABC’s, you sing every letter as “C” (“C-C-C-C…”)  Your favorite color is “blue”, which is funny because Naomi’s favorite color was “pink.”  We didn’t plan it that way!  You love to lay across my lap (“lap!”) and ask me to rock you and sing Rock-a-Bye Baby (“baby!”) to you.

Potty training has added a lot of new words to your vocabulary like pee-pee, butt, pee, poop, diaper (“didey”), potty, and hands.  You love the pool, the outdoors, and going places in the car.  You love to dress and undress, so words like shoes, shorts, shirt, pants, socks, tu-tu, hat, and boots are new.  You always notice matching clothes, like when your flip-flops match my flip-flops, or when your shorts match Daddy’s shorts.  We’re not seriously potting training you right now, but we are amused that the only time you want to use the potty is to delay your nap time or bed time.

You ARE a two-year-old, so that means that some of your most-used words are “Me!” “Mine!” and “No!”  Despite your stubbornness at times, you are very sensitive.  You are quick to cry, apologize, and give a hug when scolded.  It has taken some time for you to put two words together, so I had to laugh when Naomi made you furious one day by climbing on a chair that you had dragged to the kitchen counter.  You tried your best to get her down, and then finally yelled, “MY CHAIR!”  It was the first time I’d heard you put two words together!

You love Naomi though, and follow her everywhere.  The doctor (and everyone else) has noted that you were probably late to speak because she speaks for you all the time!  You two are inseparable, and always look out for (and fight with) one another.  You love Evelyn too, and are the gentlest big brother I have ever seen.  You bring her toys and blankets, diapers and burp clothes.  You nurse your doll babies, push them in the stroller, and put them down for naps.  Although I think you envy her time on my lap and loss of your status as “baby,” I know you will make a great Daddy some day for your own babies.

You are such a sweetheart, and a blessing to our family.  We love you so much!



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