Inexpensive Laundry Detergent

A few years ago, Brad and I heard about Advanced Formula Ultra Plus Laundry Detergent.  It’s a high efficiency detergent, requiring less dosage and less waste to recycle.  It has 275 washes for every box.  Unfortunately, it also has a steep price tag: $28.61 per box (including tax).  We’re glad that it lasts so long!

So when Brad went to purchase a box at Sears last week, the person at the register asked him if he would like to subscribe to a Sears Master Card.  We don’t usually use credit cards, but this time Brad made an exception.  With the Sears Master Card, the laundry detergent cost only $13.61.  We saved $15!

I called Sears a few days later and paid the bill over the phone at no cost.  Then I went ahead and cancelled the credit card during the same phone call.

Over my lifetime, I’ve had a number of Sears credit cards that I cancelled immediately after subscribing.  I don’t advocate the use of credit cards, but on occasion I have used them for a special deal like this.

Do you use any credit cards for special rewards?

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