How to Thin your Toddler’s Bangs

One of the ways I save money is by cutting our family’s hair!  Naomi has been my willing (and sometimes unwilling!) guinea pig in this hair-styling journey.  She is a typical active toddler, with very straight hair.  Her bangs, which I first cut at 14 months, have become too thick and have begun to dominate her face.  I wanted thinner bangs, so my mom and I set aside some time this morning.

  1. Choose a time when your toddler is in a good mood.Naomi had just waken up and had breakfast, a time when she is usually cheerful.

    Naomi’s Thick (and Long) Bangs

  2. Collect your supplies:Scissors, Comb, Squirt Bottle.  You might also want something small to keep your toddler’s hands occupied.  We let Naomi play with the squirt bottle.

    Naomi loved the squirt bottle!

  3. Choose a location that is well-lit and allows you to work comfortably while standing. We chose to sit Naomi on the kitchen counter.
  4. Comb your toddler’s hair. (You might want to bathe her prior to the haircut if her hair is sticky or especially messy.)

    Naomi’s Wet Thinned Bangs

  5. Use the comb to separate the hair closest to the hairline in a horizontal line.  Pull the rest of the hair back in a top pony-tail. This will allow you to cut less bangs, and allow the rest of the bangs to grow out and rejoin the rest of the hair.
  6. Wet the bangs using the squirt bottle.
  7. Trim the bangs using the scissors.

    Naomi’s Dry Bangs After Her Bath

  8. Bathe your toddler afterward to remove stray hairs from the face and shoulders.
  9. Repeat! You’ll want to do this at least once a month until the thick bangs grow out enough to be combed aside with the rest of the hair.


Do you have any great hair-styling solutions for tight budgets?



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