How to Cut Your Husband’s Hair

As I have said before, one of the ways that I save money is by cutting our family’s hair.  For Christmas a few years ago, I asked my parents for hair clippers.  I knew my mother would make a good choice because she’s been cutting my dad’s hair since they were dating!  It took some convincing, but Brad finally gave in and let me learn on his hair.  Obviously these techniques will work on any men in your life, not just your husband!

Clippers, Guides, Scissors, & Combs


Before you get started, check to make sure you have all your supplies.  I have a WAHL Home Haircutting Clip’N Trim.  Set out your scissors and combs, preferably out of the reach of any toddlers.  I also prefer to have my cup of coffee nearby if it’s first thing in the morning.  🙂


We keep old bed sheets around our house for messy projects.  I laid one sheet on the floor, draped a second sheet over the chair, and wrapped a third sheet around Brad’s shoulders.  I prefer to set up my hair-cutting chair in the living room in front of the television (set to ESPN) so that Brad will sit patiently while I work!

Hair-cutting chair


If you look at your hair clipper guides, you will notice numbers on them.  Begin by attaching the largest numbers first, and working your way to the smallest.

Clipper Guides #2, #4, #8

Many men know what numbers they prefer, and can help you to learn what they like.  Brad prefers #8 for his entire head, #4 for the back of his head, and #2 for his sideburns.  So I cut everything with #8, then go back over the back with #4, and the sideburns with #2.

Brad’s hair “BEFORE”

Beginning with Guide #8 on Top

Guide #4 on the Back

Finished with the Guides!


As you can tell in the photo above, I still have some touching-up to do.  I use the comb and scissors to shorten and straighten the hairline around Brad’s ears, neck, and forehead.

Trimming Around the Ears

Trimming Around the Forehead


After I’ve touched-up the hairline, I like to go back with the trimmers (no guide this time) and trim the back of his neck.  It gives the hair cut a finished look, and it looks cleaner along his collar.

Trimming Around the Neck


Now send your handsome husband to the shower to rinse off the loose hair.  He can also touch up his sideburns and shave while he’s rinsing off.  Sweep up the loose hair with a dustpan and brush.  Shake the hair out of the old bed sheets around your garden (to keep deer away from your vegetables).  Then wash the bed sheets.  Put away your supplies, and finish your cup of coffee.  Great work!

Brad’s hair “AFTER”

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5 Responses to “How to Cut Your Husband’s Hair”

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  3. Keri says:

    I tried cutting my boyfriend’s hair on Sunday. It was nerve wracking. I had different ideas from what he was asking. And I left the neckline uneven. He was patient, but I am not one to trust with scissors. He had been cutting mine for the last year and a half and I wanted a turn on his. Let’s just say I will still have him cut mine, but for the sake of the relationship having your girl friend or wife cut your hair can be bad news. And no he is not a hair dresser, but he gives me great haircuts.

  4. Cheryl says:

    I took my two boys to get their haircut after school a couple nights ago at their usual barber. He put some gel in their hair so it would spike up. They like that, but it also hid the terrible haircuts they got. After they got their showers and their hair dried, I saw how badly he hacked their hair. Both have steps cut into their hair and it is not even. Well my sister saw their hair and told me their haircuts look like crap. She told me I shouldn’t practice on their heads and don’t be cheap! Take them to the barber. Well I told her I did! And I paid $40 including tip for the barber to get that result. For $40, I could pay for a really good haircutting set after a couple months. I certainly could not do any worse than the “professional” did. Why pay for bad haircuts? You make it look so easy. And it could really save me a lot of money.

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