How I Made $200 in August

As most of you know, being a Stay-At Home Mom is not the most financially lucrative career choice.  I find it so much easier to find ways to save money than to make money!  So I was pretty happy when I earned $170 in the month of July.  I am even more excited to report that I earned $200 in August!  Here is how I did it:

  1. $175 Portable Washing Machine: I sold our portable washing machine on Craigslist!  It had been listed since late April, and I had gradually lowered the price until more people started e-mailing me.
  2. $20 George Foreman Grill: I sold our George Foreman Grill on Craigslist!  It too had been listed since late April, and I went through the same process as I had with the Washing Machine.
  3. $5 Swagbucks: I earned another Amazon Gift Card on Swagbucks, and used it to buy birthday gifts!

What creative ways have you found to earn money this month?

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  1. Marie says:

    I need to get back into doing this – We are doing the Dave Ramsey Plan and are on Baby Step 5-6, so we’ve gotten a little less than “gazelle intense.” Thanks for the reminder. I’m going to get a couple boxes of used books together to go sell this weekend!

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